Pigeon - Trainer Toothbrush Set

Pigeon - Trainer Toothbrush Set

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Pigeon - Trainer Toothbrush Set
Teaches your baby that caring for his teeth is fun.

What's in the box:
x 3 Trainer Toothbrush Set

- There are 3 brushes in the set which are to be used at different stages and encourages good dental hygiene right from the first two teeth
- K840 Infant toothbrush set 

This set follows on from the Trainer Toothbrush Set and offers two brushes:

Lesson 1
For babies with 2-3 milk teeth. This rubber brush has horizontal and vertical brushes, to ensure that baby's teeth are properly cleaned. The thick and contoured handle is easy to grasp. The elastic rubber head feels soft on baby's gums. The Safety Shield prevents choking.

Infant toothbrush for front brushing:
- Bristles on the outside are soft
- For maximum effectiveness those in the centre are firm and flexible in order to remove food particles lodged between the teeth
- Gentle on baby's gums

Infant toothbrush for back brushing:
- Reaches where other brushes can't
- Increases the effectiveness of brushing food particles to the front of the mouth as the bristles are inclined slightly towards the handle of the brush
- Use this brush to check how well your child has brushed
- Dental
- Study
- Development
- Product
- K891
- Encouraging correct oral hygiene right from the start, will ensure your child enjoys a lifetime of healthy teeth, K840

Lesson 2
For babies with 8-10 milk teeth. Babies like to imitate parents at this stage and the soft rubber bristles are gentle on baby's gums. Fine bristle-ends allow easy cleaning, as well as between the teeth.

Lesson 3
When all the milk teeth are in, your child is now ready for his first real toothbrush. The soft, short bristles are flexible and are gentle on the gums.

- Weight: 0.05kg
- Dimensions: 6 x 3 x 18cm
- Warranty: Based on manufacturers defects 

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