Tommee Tippee - Ollie the Owl Light and Sound Sleep Aid

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Anything that helps your baby sleep soundly will help you get some much-needed rest too. This cute and cuddly night-time companion provides soft lights, soothing sounds, and gentle lullabies to help your baby settle to sleep. CrySensor technology listens out through the night and plays soothing sounds or lullabies to help comfort and settle baby if they wake.

No Batteries Needed
Lights and sounds are powered by a USB rechargeable power pack. No more searching for batteries at bedtime.

Dimmable Lights
Heart-shaped light has 3-brightness levels, so the gentle glow won't disturb your baby's sleep.?

Healthy Sleep Habits
Learning how to fall asleep and resettle after waking is the foundation of a lifetime of restful sleep.

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