Tommee Tippee - Milk Powder Dispenser - 6 Pack

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Tommee Tippee - Milk Powder Dispenser - 6 Pack

Closer to Nature Milk Powder Dispensers fit neatly inside Closer to Nature 260ml bottles for convenient mixing and feeding any time. The first ever in-bottle Milk Powder Dispensers, these unique containers save space on the go and keep up to 8 scoops of powder safe and dry, ready to mix and feed any time, wherever you are.


What’s In The Box:

x 6 Milk Powder Dispensers



- Measure powder in advance

- Saves time and prevent waste

- Only make up the feed as and when you need it

- Ideal for travel or when you are out and about

- Avoids the risk of milk going off as powder is kept separately

- Safe and hygienic

- BPA free



- Weight: 0.12kg

- Dimensions: 19 x 10 x 6cm

- Material: Plastic

- Colour: Transparent

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